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The medical tent is a project that I have been working on for the most part of februari 2021.

The inspiration for this environment came from watching a lot of Escape from Tarkof streams. I got inspired by the setting and wanted to do something in that general direction. I started thinking what i could do with this concept and decided to make a WWII style medical tent. I started to collect reference and measurements online. Luckily for my there are lot's of sites that document military stuff from the WWII era. 

My goal for this project was to make a environment in the Unreal 4 engine. I normally exclusively work in Unity so this was a great opportumity to become more knowledgable about the Unreal engine. The biggest challange I have for this project is getting the lighting right. Military settings especially WWII scenes use lot's of browns and greens. I tried to use the light color and post processing to help remedy this a bit.

Programs used:

- Maya

- Substance designer

- Substance Painter

- Unreal engine 4


All textures are made with either Substance Painter or Substance Designer. I mostly tried to use painter to get more experience. So instead of making materials in designer I tried to directly make them in painter.


I started with the model of the tent itself. I chose to make it out of 1 plane (this bit me a little bit in the ass a while into the project though) I made this decission to keep poly counts low. I managed to find measurements on a site with an old U.S. Army manual.  

The total polycount with all the ropes and pipes is 10802 tris the tent itself is 814 tris

After Finishing the main tent model, I started working on the interior assets. All assets are made with the help of historical imagery. I looked at many pictures and recreations to decide on the assets that I wanted to make.

The Cots were made in the early stages of the project. At this point i was still searching for the correct style of the interrior. I first started to make more conventional hospital beds. This would fit more for a established field hospital far from the frontline, This was after some thinking not the feeling I was going for. So I started looking for better reference. I found the cots on a couple of old pictures. I decided to model a cot to add to the scene. I used multiple sources for reference. Luckily  the design of the cots did not really change between the 1940's and now, just the materials.

My favourite asset for this project is the oillamp. I managed to use a lot of tricks I learned with this project to texture it. The only thing i would have done diferent is to perhaps use a higher poly budget.

The current assets made for this project are:

- Cots with sheets

- Crates

- Planks

- A drawer box

- An IV drip

- A Table

- A cloth barrier

- Bandages

- Bandage packages

- Light bulbs

- An oil lamp

- Multiple decal materials