Cracks (HKU Graduation project 2020)

Date: February 2020 - November 2020

Cracks is a interactive narative experience were the player explores the mind of a girl who attempted scuicide. The experience takes the player inside the broken mind of Marie. Marie's subconsious is split due to extreme trauma. All her feelings and emotions now lay seperated.

The player will explore multiple environment wich represent the different feelings and emotions

Most of the time working on this project was spend on background research and design. The final environments are made over the span of 4 weeks. This includes modeling, texturing and testing. 

I made 4 environments each wich represent different moods / emotions.

the current moods / emotions are:

- Happyness / safety

- Sadness / depression

- Anxiety / fear

- Anger / unstable

Textures and materials

All textures in this projecty are made by me with exception of the skyboxes. I wanted to challenge myself to make all the textures in substance designer and substance painter. Not all materials shown are used in the finished environments.